together, shall we?

I’ve been really struggling with potty training my youngest. Honestly, he was nearly done months ago, but he’s been struggling with some intestinal issues that have left both he and I really frustrated and at a bit of a loss. Having done this 3 times before, I am nearing the end of my capacity to wait out the day when the “stars align” and I am done with this season of parenting once-and-for-all.

Someone close to me once made reference once to how “simple” it was to potty train children and insinuated I was not taking care of the situation properly. That statement still resonates now, and some days exasperates my frustration.

As a general rule, mama’s are pretty hard on themselves – by definition we walk around with a huge guilt sign on our heads. Rarely do we really need to have our flaws, inconsistencies or weaknesses pointed out. We got that part down already.

I think it’s our job as women, as humans, to encourage and lift one another up. Most of us are fully aware of our struggles (after all, they are already ours) and would love to just know that we are loved and encouraged regardless of our inabilities. It really does take a village to raise a child – let’s all link arms and do this thing together, shall we?



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