turn the other cheek

I’ve been reading “Honor’s Reward” by John Bevere. In essence, the principles taught come from  the biblical mandate to honor those in authority, and the subsequent blessing and favor that follows  such a decision. Really interesting read. Mostly interesting, because our society is driven far more by our desire to assert our independence, cling to our rights and demand our own way. Honor and submission are nearly words of cursing in our “free”, democratic society.

It struck me this morning that if someone preaches and lives peace through the pursuit and following of the Dalai Lama, they are seen as a peaceful and honorable person. And yet, the Christ-follower who turns the other cheek is often seen as pathetic and weak. (By the way, the phrase, to “turn the other cheek,” really means to stand your ground and say “give it your best shot again, I won’t engage in ungodly anger,” but we often interpret it as slinking away…).

Jesus was not weak. He submitted to HIS authority and walked in His own. He knew who He was and was compassionate AND strong. The bible tells us that God’s way is not our way, but it’s better. To some it even seems foolishness. And yet there is promise after promise that when we let God fight our battles, and we pray for those who would harm us, and trust in His love, we will always be victorious in this life.

As I start out a new year, I have decided to walk more in faith than ever before. I’m going to try it His way. For real this time. In every area. I have dabbled in faith and held on to my own abilities. This is the year I am going to experiment and put the bible (and God) to the test.

Would you join me…


One Reply to “turn the other cheek”

  1. Love it!

    Also, it’s important to note that God is a warrior and He has given us His word to do spiritual warfare and take back what the devil has stole from us and to stand on the promises that He has given us.

    I think that you hit a cord with “trusting the Lord” as well!


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