turn up the heat

Making my second pot of coffee this morning, I washed out the press, ground more beans, refilled the water and walked out of the kitchen. A few minutes later,  not hearing any happy singing coming from my kitchen, I realized I had not turned the stove on under the tea pot.

Sometimes we want water to boil without turning on the heat.

There are people in our lives that we love who may not be making the best choices. Maybe it’s us. Perhaps they/we are sitting on the fence, not making any decisions at all. Desired movement may include getting help for an addiction, choosing to turn off the television and mowing the lawn or looking for work, or perhaps training their tongue to use kind words and refrain from shouting or nagging.

God loves us enough not to let us stay stuck where we are, and will sometimes allow us to hit rock bottom so we will choose to pick ourselves up and begin our journey towards what He has for us. Other times we need to love ourselves enough to set healthy parameters that will cause another person to need to choose which direction they will begin to move towards.

Either way, until the heat is turned up; there will be no happy singing….


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