twists and turns

I went out to dinner last night with my mom. It’s not often we get to spend time together and it was lovely to just sit and visit without interruption and with no particular place to be next. Such things are a rarity in my world! And it’s not often my mom and I are alone. Over the years, our differences have been more glaringly obvious than our similarities, and to be honest, we have had our challenges. Relationships are never easily;  even more difficult in families sometimes. But last night, it really felt like we crossed over into a different understanding of one another, and a deeper capacity to discover our similarities – as women and as mothers. They say that time heals all wounds, and I think that it’s true. As time goes on, life molds and changes us. Our worlds expand, and our ability to relate and have compassion expand with them. No longer is it important to sort out every detail of our past hurts and misunderstandings, but more crucial is our willingness to open our hearts to one another’s journey in this life. With every twist and turn comes an opportunity for growth, and that growth can sometimes bring us back full circle and into a more intimate relationship than we could have ever imagined. Today, ask God to open your heart, to heal what is broken and straighten what life has bent. May your path be straight and your vision be clear. Shalom.



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