unexpected blessing

The other day I had been doing some self-improvement work and felt a nudge in my spirit to share openly with a live video. Honestly, I had no idea what to talk about, so I prayed and looked through some old notes. A quote caught my eye, a thought came to mind and I felt equipped to share. 

Until I started talking.

Suddenly my mind was scattered and my initial plan derailed. Later in the afternoon I seriously considered deleting it altogether, as I reflected on all the pieces that I could have shared to more effectively drive the point home. My doubt was relieved, however, upon receiving a private message from an old friend.

It was just what she needed to hear. 

A life of faith is a decision to live with the promise of adventure and is often riddled with fear and trepidation – a life of authentic faith is never, ever dull. Every day is a new opportunity to step out, mess up, fall down, and get back up, knowing that God’s mercies (and appointments!) are new every morning. The sooner we choose to step outside of ourselves and into this mysterious life with Christ, the more clearly we begin to see just how valuable our contribution, even if seemingly small, truly is. 

That, is a truth I need to hear!

Today, be encouraged that even in the mundane and seemingly insignificant moments, your prayers, your words of life, might just be the touch someone else is needing today. 



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