Proverbs 6:32 tells us that when we are unfaithful to our spouse, we lack understanding and wisdom, for we truly are sinning against ourselves. Yet while we are all guilty of this on some level, our justifications rob us of our ability to see clearly the source of so much discontent in our relationships. Comparison of our brides with models in magazines… Endless thoughts of what we wish our husbands would do differently… Selfishness or pride which keeps our partners at a protective distance… All of these, and more, keep us from fulness in our relationships. What is your downfall? Where does your perspective need to change? Which strongholds do you struggle with? Sometimes what keeps us feeling “safe” is what is truly keeping us  from achieving the relationship we were designed to have. Remember that marriage is a coming together as one – just as treating our physical bodies poorly directly affects our lives and health, so does treating our spouses negatively affect us as well. Release pride and unforgiveness, negativity and comparison – love your self as you love one another. Shalom.


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