Growing up I loved to draw, paint, and create. Music was a lifeline, and I daydreamed in every spare moment. Homework was docked points as fingers of my thoughts crept into every empty space they could find. Thirty-some years later, I am realizing that I am not as much of an artist in the traditional sense, but rather a feeler, with a deep need to express myself – through whatever means available.

We all have a desire to be seen; to be heard and understood. Regardless of our gender, race, age, religious ideologies or socioeconomic positioning in this life, we each seek to express ourselves in our daily lives. Some are more political and relational from a broader world view, while others relate more interpersonally. There are those who see the world through lenses of art and music, others who use spectacles forged in the gym or on the field. However you are wired, our souls fight to be acknowledged – it is a deep and sacred thing.

In today’s climate, there are myriad mediums in which to live our lives out loud, and conversely, just as many vices with which to hide those parts which may seem too vulnerable. However, there is one space in which our deepest selves can be wholly seen, expressed, and appreciated for its fullness; and that is in the quiet with our creator.

Today, try pushing back on the cultural norm that says success is found in the busy, or screaming loudly from center stage. Shift in your perspective from one that says lonely is bad, because it is sometimes in the separation, where we are most able to confront the depth of who we are as individuals. Sometimes, the quiet, gentle truth and embracing of our unique individualism is the key to discovering our purpose. And value.



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