walking in unity

Driving home this morning, I saw my favorite little family of Canadian Geese. There are 4 or 5 babies, and every day I watch as both parents teach and protect them. Usually eating, this morning the little ones were napping as mama and daddy sat on either side to keep them save from predators.

I was struck by the simplicity of their mission – being single-minded, they work naturally together in oneness. No competition, no division. Their daily life is an ebb and  flow as they walk together in unity.

The bible talks about being equally yolked. Marriage, as well as relationships with fellow believers, are designed to walk in one accord. Two people or more, with a common vision, working together, not against each other. When two who are “yolked” and yet each desire to go their own way, someone is going to end up pulled in a direction they don’t want to go. Division stunts productivity.

Relationships with those not going the same way are beautiful; they can open our eyes to see new things or a fresh perspective, but we should always strive to find and establish a common goal with those closest to us. Too often we can lose sight of our own purpose when we link arms with people who are heading the opposite direction. Not that either is right or wrong, but simply differently wired and designed.

Stay focused, be intentional, find common ground whenever possible and always take time for a little rest along the side of the road…




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