weeds of life

I spent some time in my yard this afternoon. The weeds in the Northwest don’t ever really stop growing like the grass does, and there is much to be done. It’s a little tedious at times, especially if you want to do it well and take them out at the root. But if I were to be honest, it’s work that feels good to my soul.

Today was a little more challenging than yesterday – the soil was more dry and the roots weren’t overly cooperative. Not only that, but I marvel at times how large the roots systems can be on such little tiny plants. Sometimes the smallest of weeds need to have the soil around it stirred up quite a bit, and pulled very gently out of the soil, to ensure it all comes out.

The weeds in my life are remarkably similar.

I can think of a myriad of things I wish I could change about myself. Highest on my list is my temper. Growing up I kept everything inside – now I struggle to keep my passion under control. It’s funny, really, because I don’t notice it all the time. Some days I am exceptionally patient, even with the most challenging of circumstances, but then others, I can simply lose it over something not worthy of such a disproportionate response.

Like the weeds, my struggle looks small on the surface, barely noticeable, but underneath lies years of disappointments, hurts, scars and areas of unforgiveness not yet come to fruition.

God longs to remove our “weeds.” He desires to stir up the soil, shake things up a bit, sometimes allow the “rain” to soften us, and then gently remove those things that threaten to choke out the beautiful flowers He has planted inside us. We ourselves may not always fully grasp how deeply rooted our sins and hurts really are, but God knows. God knows, and as the Master Gardener, He will do, and allow, what it takes to prepare our soil to be stirred up, cleaned up, and established, so His Will can be fulfilled in our hearts and lives.

All afternoon as I dug and pulled and searched for the tiniest of intruders, I began to think of so many of the things I know He has already drawn out, and those things which He is still working on. I recognize the rain now as softening, the pulling as necessary, and the digging, while painful, a complete release into His perfect plan to landscape my life.

Never doubt for a moment that He does not take such painstaking care to gently and patiently care for your life. His love and attention will never end. And, as we return to our garden over and over again to keep things tidy and weed-free, so does our Lord return daily to tend to our needs as well…

May His peace be with you in the process!




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