what about you?

What is holding you back? Are your fears real or imaginary? If you knew today was your last day in this life, what would you do and what would be your greatest regret? Last night I had a conversation with a friend where I was faced with my real reasons for not doing what I have been trying to do for years – write a book. Two, actually, at this point, and it’s so far past ridiculous that they are not yet done. With notes and ideas all over the house, they simply need to be compiled. After walking through a desolate season in my life and finally getting my groove back, there are no more excuses left for why I am not fulfilling the call upon my life. Lately there have been several friends and acquaintances whose life experiences have reminded me of the fragile state we all walk in – tomorrow is not ever promised – to anyone. It’s imperative that we choose to make every day count, every day intentional. When I face my God, I want to be able to say I did all He asked me to do here. What about you?


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