what if…

When I was in college, a group came to present a drama about the end of the world as we know it. I had seen similar presentations before, but this one in particular touched me deeply. It compelled me. I had always held a belief in God, but He had pretty much been put on a shelf during that season of my life. For days after, questions plagued my mind: “what if it’s true? what if there is just one way? what really happens when we die??” I felt fearful, and yet hopeful at the same time, knowing that God was with me. What I didn’t know was if I was truly living my life to its greatest potential.

What if there is more to this life than what we see? What if there really is a spiritual battle that goes on without us fully comprehending what is going on? Like the movie ‘The Matrix,’ what if we have all consumed the Kool-Aid and life as we know it is merely a distortion of the truth?

I think it’s worth pursuing, this truth. Worth pondering and examining, this claim of a Creator God who designed a plan to reconcile us back to Him. We can all agree this world is in need of more love, peace, and valuing of human life.  What if the solution was found in an old leather-bound book??

The bible says that when we seek, we shall find. That word “seek,” is an active verb, which implies a continual striving to find truth. In your busy daily life, take time to pursue a deeper meaning to your existence. Create space to open up your mind and heart to greater possibilities than you had previously imagined. What if…



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