what you’re posting

I often wonder why people choose to present a different personification online than in person. It strikes me odd, the level of disassociation that comes with electronics – from Facebook to texting to instant messaging, many share not only things they would never dare to in person, but seem to place little value on the image they are designing for themselves.

There is no bottom-line message to this post, nor a judgement, but merely an observation I have yet to put a label on. It’s just difficult sometimes to put a finger on what motivates our popular culture these days. There seems to be little personal accountability, respect for the feelings of others, desire to protect reputation, or perceived need to truly hear where another person is coming from (in cases where a post or random statement is taken as a personal attack when there is no such intent).

Perhaps my point is simply to think. Review. Edit. Perceive and forgive. Post responsibly.



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