what’s in your garden?

I am starting to see a distinct pattern in my thought processes of late … the truth of reaping and sowing seems to be a common, foundational thread, and consistent measuring stick in my daily life.

This morning in my reading (“Leading Lions” by Ronnie Doss), I came upon some words which really resonated in my spirit. Sharing them with a friend, she said that seemed really weighty and necessitating of serious caffeine intervention in order to process well. I responded that it was actually a super easy read for me, and as I sent my respond, enlightenment rose like a phoenix.

Previously sown soil is being stirred.

In college I majored in Sociology and one of my minors was Psychology. As a junior and senior at CWU, I received extensive interpersonal and team training including paraprofessional counseling. In adulthood, I’ve been blessed with the completion of two masters level coaching courses, and lots of personal therapy. With every step, basic and foundational psychological principles, made all the more relevant when interwoven with biblical truth, have become a part of my intellectual DNA. When the busyness and emotional stress of life comes in like a flood, I tend to gravitate to the carnal responses of survival mode learned as a child. When margin allows, however, my mind is able to embrace the truth that I DO have the capacity to operate in my head knowledge.

As I have sown good healthy seed, revisited and watered many times over, the tools I have learned in my head are now becoming a deeply embraced reality in my heart.

What you put in WILL produce the fruit it’s designed to. Positivity or negativity. Faith or fear. Intellect or emotions. Empathy or indulgence. What we repeat over and over becomes a part of who we are, how we respond, and dictates our capacity.

According to the bible, the power of life and death are in the tongue, and as the mouth speaks, so is the heart. The only way to change what is in the heart, is to make the daily decision that what is going INTO our minds is good, so that the day our head and hearts align, life change can spring forth.

Sow, sow, sow. For in due season, you WILL reap a bountiful harvest.


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