when nobody’s watching

Who are you when nobody is watching? Who are you when certain people are watching? With your family? At work? Church?

In the past few days I have had two different people come up and share a good report when it comes to my 7-year-old daughter. One person told me that her children adore Kenda and consider her to be a “sweet girl.” Another person came up to me today and shared that when Kenda left the room, a couple of other kids started talking about her. They said what a good friend she is and how when other kids put them down or make fun of how they did their art project, that she always comes over and will encourage them and lift them back up. I love who I am hearing my child is when I am not there to enforce the rules.

I really hope I would get a good report – not only from others, but from my God. I long to make Him proud; to live my life as best I can in representation of Him – even if He is the only one who sees!

My prayer for each of us is that when we leave a room, we have also left a mark of grace, acceptance and love. Even if nobody is watching.


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