why my seahawks suck

Heading into the playoffs again, and the “bantering” gets increasingly heated. I suppose it’s supposed to all be in fun, but I am not a fan. It seems the better the Seahawks do, the more people love to throw around the term “bandwagon fan.” I suppose it could all be jealousy, an easy target, whatever, but to me, it strikes a slightly personal cord.

Or perhaps more than slightly.

I remember being a kid, my brother was an absolute Hawks fanatic. Growing up, we would all start the season with great expectation for our home team to do something great. And, as the season predictably usually went, we would watch with breath no longer held, but breathing deeply in patience, as we hoped that, perhaps, next season…

The thing about the Seahawks, is they are a lot like us – they suck. They mess up. They make mistakes. But also similar to us, they keep trying. No matter what the scoreboard says, they encourage one another, believe in themselves, in their teammates, in the vision cast by their coach, and some, believe in their God. Regardless. When they fail, they own it. If they succeed, they give credit to one another and to their fans. Nobody walks in the delusion that they alone win games – we love that they are real. Like us.

Being created by God, we each have a longing deep inside to believe in something bigger than ourselves. We actually kind of need it. Football does that for us. And the more inconsistency we see in our team, the greater the celebration in the success, because ultimately, isn’t that what life is all about??

I love my kids. More than words. But I don’t throw them a birthday party every day. We don’t sing them songs each night at dinner or give them a sticker for their mistakes. Rather, we love them through the losses and stand by them in the daily, making a really big deal about the successes.

Just like my Hawks.

So, others can continue to throw stones – it’s ok if they do. I personally don’t trash other teams, because I understand the value in being represented in a public forum – everyone likes to root for their hometown team. At the end of the day, I love my team and am gonna yell really loud when they fight their way back to the top. Or not…




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