why we don’t need ministry

What is your place? Where do you fit? Are you in ministry? How is your faith played out in your daily life? Are you operating in your fullest potential and in your God-given calling?

If you don’t know, or said no, to any of those questions, I have a word for you.

You are right where you are called to be. You fit where you are planted. Your life IS ministry. Your faith is who you ARE. If you are breathing, loving, and actively pursuing the passions and beliefs in your heart, you ARE operating in your calling.

I think sometimes we over complicate this whole faith thing. We look at what other people are doing and think we need to be doing more. Or doing it better. We tend to underestimate the footprint we are leaving daily, and the vast influence we have on the people and lives around us. In the meanwhile, we can miss those daily opportunities to pour into those around us and to leave the legacy we long to in our hearts.

If we are intentional, we are already vital.

I have this friend whom I’ve known for several years at church. She is a lovely human, and we have had some very precious conversations, but truth be told, we don’t really spend time together outside of church. “On paper,” we don’t have a great deal of influence on one another. This morning, she sent a text that absolutely changed me.

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I share this not to toot my own horn, but to say that I truly had NO idea that she felt that way. I share because I think it’s so vital that we fully realize that when we are living our lives of faith in such a way that is authentic and points back to His love, we can’t help but to minister to, encourage, and bless those around us. Even, and possibly especially, when we aren’t operating in a certain capacity or position.

It’s so important to remember that Jesus said to follow Him (do what He did). To make disciples (walk in relationship with others, showing them how to follow). To pray without ceasing (all the while never believing or practicing the false reality that we can do any of it in our own power).  It’s all so simple, really. And, it’s where the greatest blessing, life change and faith really occurs. In our lives and in the lives of those around us.

Today, step back and look at where your personal influence stretches. Who is in your life? Who are you called to pour into? To do life with? You don’t have to have a title to change the world. You can make a difference right where you are planted!

I am personally inspired by the community of people I have been blessed to be surrounded by – broken people like me who all just want to love better…That, in and of itself, is possibly the only ministry opportunity we need.



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