We are blessed enough to live in a house that overlooks a lake. Growing up in Seattle, where our bedroom window gave ample opportunity to hold hands with the neighbors if we so chose, I often marvel at what a blessing our view is. Subsequently, we have large picture windows across the back of our house.

In the early spring, when the rain lifts and clouds are bit more yielding, the sun will peek through, and give me a full understanding of exactly how long it has been since I actually washed my windows (and how very many little fingers reside here…).  This morning, the light burst forth like someone had set the high beams and it was glaringly obvious just how clouded my view really is.

Sometimes, I think we humans, in the light of Christ, or in the presence of His followers, can struggle with what the Light reveals. Life goes along, routine plays out, we find our own version of “normal,” but given the opportunity to see ourselves in the brightness, we can run in panic back to the dark. Comparison with where we are to where we feel we should be, can bring great conviction.

Friends, please remember that we ALL have a long way to go in our journey to spiritual maturity and self-actualization. It’s easy to become discouraged. However, it’s important to remember that religion tells us to “try harder,” and Jesus says, “I already paid that price for you.” If we were already perfect, or could do it on our own, Jesus never would have had to die on that cross.

We are not responsible for cleaning our own windows. (Wahoo!!!)

Oh sure, there are choices to be made, but the cool thing about a living, ongoing relationship with Christ is that it’s a process that unfolds as we let go of those things which the light begins to reveal no longer serve us. Things like pride and selfishness, guilt or shame, anger and unforgiveness, soon reveal themselves to be more of a hindrance than a help, and slowly, the more we learn to love Him and who He is, we begin to change. One smudge mark at a time…

Jesus said He came to bring “life, and life more abundant.” He never came to condemn or judge, but to turn the light on, break out the paper towels and say, “Hey, I got you! Let’s clean up this mess together.”

I can see so much more clearly now…



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