Recently I was driving home from an afternoon at the beach when we were stopped near three people with signs and a megaphone, loudly proclaiming the need for people to repent of their sins or go to hell. As we sat there, I watched people’s responses, and felt sad for those working the ferry dock, who had undoubtedly heard the message many times already that day. My sadness continued as we drove past, and on through the evening as I thought about those who may never hear the good news of Jesus above the din of condemnation. God is not angry with us, He is worried about us. The message of Jesus is a message of hope and love from our Creator. We are all imperfect, and since God is perfect, we need someone to bridge that gap for us to be in relationship with Him. A relationship with Jesus is that bridge. Not that by following Christ, we become perfect ourselves, but that we can be assured an eternity with the God of Love, instead of an eternity in darkness. Jesus spoke of sin and death and eternity, but His message was truly heard in the healing of the sick and the lost, restoration of the broken and His own faithfulness to those closest to Him. What message are you sending? What are you hearing? Jesus said He would leave us with His peace – may you find that today. 


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