worth a thousand words…

This past weekend some of my friends surprised me with an early birthday dinner – I felt so blessed!! They are each such remarkable, and yet vastly different, people, and it’s a tremendous honor to have them in my life.

I was looking at a picture of us again this morning, and began to think about how differently some of the poses could be perceived. (I over analyze  nearly everything, so maybe you don’t do this, but bear with me).

So, I am in the center wearing peach. I reached around and put my right hand on my friend Marian’s shoulder, sort of in a backwards hug. But, in the picture, it would appear I am reaching in front of her (in a rude sort of blocking fashion) to reach out to my friend, Robin.

The reason it struck me is that I think we can all take the exact same situation, and depending on where we are already positioned, or the information we already have, we might perceive things differently. Those who know me would know that Robin and I spend more time together, and might see my reaching across to her as a way to include her and disregard Marian being there. Those who know how amazing Marian is, might realize my gesture for what it was, or perhaps not think anything at all.

What we are looking for, we will find. Even when the “proof is right in front of us!” it is simply too easy to misinterpret. At the end of the day, only God knows our hearts and true intentions. Always choose to assume the best – and remember to ask questions if you perceive the worst.

All other positions will produce only a thousand wasted words…





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