worth a thousand

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I am not sure exactly what that means, but I will tell you I infer something quite different now than I used to.

I have hundreds of photographs at this point in my life…pictures of myself as a child, in high school and college, different friends and family…my own children… There are smiles and grins and perfect poses in some, goofy candids in others… What I find most glaring is the contrast between what I was feeling at the time, the season of life I was in, and the look on my face.

We smile in pictures, it’s what we do. But sometimes a grin is not what we are experiencing inside. It’s tremendously easy to look at the snapshots of moments in other people lives and assume joy and perfection. In the midst of a mess, we can allow ourselves moments to smile and let go – joy is a choice after all.

Someone made reference once to my “supposed happiness.” The inference was that I was being fake and putting on a good show. I think that as much as that was their perception, my position at the time was one of faith. Faith comes with hope. Hope comes with the knowledge that seasons change.

Keep a smile on your face and turned your heart towards tomorrow. Every picture is a record and a testimony of your own story. And it’s worth thousands…


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